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Registration Form Majlis Bersama Rakyat di United Kingdom 2019


  1. Please MAKE SURE that you choose the correct category before submitting the form. Please refer on category definition below.
  2. For any students who are studying outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, please register as Bruneian Visitors in UK.
  3. If you encounter any issues during the registration process, please contact


A. Bruneian Resident in the UK (NON-STUDENT & NON-STAFF):

Bruneians who are residing or holding UK permanent resident status (non-staff or student)

B. Bruneian Visitor in the UK :

Bruneians (citizens and permanent residents) who are currently on holiday/visiting friends and family.
This also includes PARENTS of:

  • Bruneian students
  • officers on In-service Training
  • BIA, KPG, UPP, HBS staff of Brunei High Commmission
  • C. Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan :

    Government servants who are currently studying in the UK and Ireland.

    D. Registered UPP Student :

    Students who are registered with Unit Penuntut-Penuntut. Registered students should have UPP Online login details
  • Those students who are not registered with UPP should register as "Category B: Bruneian Visitor in the UK"
  • E. Staff:

    Home based (HBS) and Locally Engaged Staff (LES) for BDHCL, BIA, KPG and UPP only.

    Step 1 - Select Category

    Step 2 - Registration for UPP Students (Please use your UPP Online login details)

    Step 2 - Enter Personal Details

    Step 3 - Contact Details

    Step 4 - Visitor Details

    Step 4 - Staff Details

    Step 4 - Resident Details

    Step 4 - LDP Details

    Step 5 - Do you have dependants?

    No Dependants.Please proceed to step 6
    Yes No
    add dependant

    Step 6 - Do you or your dependants(if applicable) require assistance?

    Yes No
    Add Dependant